I photograph the landscape at night and at dawn. The camera captures the frames as stills, freezing time, regardless of the length of the exposure, and creating an image different from what the eye perceives. I like to believe that these resulting images are from a moment suspended between night and day.

The camera allows me to see my surroundings with new eyes. Out at night, alone, the day's cares recede and the sense of time fades. Allowing a heightened awareness to take over, I direct my attention to conveying the quiet and solitude of the night. It is this shift in attention, I believe, that allows me to experience the moment with a different vision.

My exposure and printing decisions enable me to take the surroundings I know so well and present them as they have not been seen before. What fascinates me about this process is that magical element of surprise. I venture out in search of scenes that contain an unknown light source of have some other mysterious quality. Of course there are times when I don't find anything. Since the night sets the stage, I never know where I will wind up. It reminds me so much of life.


Located In the town of Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard is a small fishing village called Menemsha. It is homeport to local fisherman, some of whom are from families that have fished there for generations. During the summer months, Menemsha is intensely busy. Residents and tourists come to walk the boardwalks, get freshly cooked seafood and watch the fishing boats come in and out. At the end of the day, weather permitting; come the most dramatic sunsets.

Once the summer residents return to their winter homes and day tripping tourists cease to visit, the spirit of this historic fishing village reappears. This is my favorite time and when I am there in the dark hours, I feel like I have the whole place to myself. I never know which lights will be shining or what they will illuminate. It’s a joy full surprise when there is magic in the air and if the fog is in, well, that is a total bonus. I feel like I’ve come to a different place and I soon get lost to the moment as I wander in search of that spot where the light is in perfect balance with land, sea and sky. My exposure and post processing decisions help me to create these images that I consider a view to an altered reality, a glimpse into a vision you can otherwise not experience.